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Our Services

We Provide expert troubleshooting and repair services for a variety of electronic devices from laptops to smartphones to Gaming Consoles

Device Repairs

Cracked glass or Screens , No Display, No Power, Restarts, Not Charging, Water Damage Etc.

Apple & Windows Repair 

Viruses, Blue Screen, Freezing or Slow, Charging issues, Liquid Spill, No power, Cracked Screen, Data Loss or Upgrades. No matter the issues we can help  

Service Calls

Need Onsite or Remote support?  Smart Device installed in your home? surveillance Camera ? We have friendly and skilled technicians standing by to assist you

Gaming Console Repair

No power, No display on TV, Loose HDMI, Safe mode, Restarting, Freezing mid Game, Stuck discs or boot loops?

PS4 or xBOX we can fix these issues ! 

Who We Are ?

About Us

Our mission is to create long lasting customer relationships built on GENUINE; trust, respect and loyalty. While making money is important we believe that it is not all about the money. 

We strive on providing the best customer experience possible, tailoring service to customer unique situations. Our continued goal from the beginning is to genuinely help folks first get over their fear with electronics  by resolving their issues and showing them how to prevent it from occurring again.

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